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Item No: SW60

Condition: Scratch / Dent

Manufacturer: CONTINENTAL


The Continental Refrigeration SW60NBS worktop refrigerator has electronic controls and a digital display for monitoring and adjusting the temperature. If these levels drop too low or rise too high, an alarm sounds to inform users to check the unit. If maintenance is needed, the refrigeration system is accessible from the rear. This unit's automatic evaporator eliminates condensation and has a plasticized coil, so it won't corrode after consistent use around water. To maintain cold temperatures, the cabinet is insulated with polyurethane foam and the doors have magnetic gaskets to seal them shut.

SIX DRAWER in the Continental Refrigeration SW60 commercial worktop refrigerator are epoxy coated for durability and corrosion resistance. The two spring-loaded doors close automatically, so air doesn't escape in case a door is left open accidentally. For mobility, this unit is mounted on 5-inch casters. With their stainless steel construction, the front, top, and end panels are corrosion resistant, durable, and streamline cleaning, while the interior and back are made of aluminum.

Technical Specifications

  • Interior: 56 in. W x 1958 in. D x 2614 in. H
  • Overall: 60 in. W x 32316 in. D x 4034 in. H
  • 2.46 A, 15 HP
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